Your home is as individual as you! Each room serves a certain purpose, has a specific size, provides different lighting conditions, is bathed in a different colour and is characterised by its own acoustics. Each room is a world of its own – a living space! We add that little bit extra to your living space – a harmonious atmosphere!

Thus sonoro audio designs and develops music systems that are tailored to the needs of your rooms. You appreciate the perfect wake-up sound in your bedroom to get your day off to a good start, a cool beat in the bathroom, the daily news on the radio in the kitchen, and a multifunctional loudspeaker in the office that makes an efficient working day easier.

We focus on the features that are expected of a functional sound system in a room and pack them in a hand-polished and high-gloss lacquered wooden housing. Thus the sonoro brand creates design music systems where major importance is not only attached to quality and ease of use, but also the individual nature of your home is taken into account.